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The Most Prized White Tea - Silver Needle & Wild Peony

Are you familiar with white tea? They are known for being the most delicate and least oxidized tea that offers aroma and flavor that remind you of a fresh garden. White tea is also one of the rarest kinds of tea since they are plucked before the tea leaves open.

Shou Mei, Gong Mei or white tea blends are the more common kinds of white tea that can be found in stores. But two most prized white tea produced, Silver Needle and Wild Peony, often remain specialty teas that tea lovers and collectors sought after.

Among all white tea, Silver Needle is the most expensive variety due to its rarity. Only the top buds, known as leaf shoots, are used to produced the tea. The flavor is described as sweet and vegetal, with a hint of orchid-like scent.

Wild Peony is from the same plant that produces Silver Needle White Tea, except with a different plucking method. It has a mild floral scent of peony. The tea has a fruity note and tastes fuller than Silver Needle.

If you are interested in trying Silver Needle and Wild Peony grown from organic tea farms in Fujian Province, China, we are currently selling them in the form of tea cake in our online shop. Tea bags will also be available for purchase in the next couple days!

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