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Event Catering

We offer event catering for Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate events and more! 

Please see the following list for drink options and service pricing.

Tea & Toppings

  • Milk Tea options:

1. Signature (Ceylon Black Tea) milk tea

2. Royal (Premium Black Tea) milk tea

3. Assam (Premium Black Tea) milk tea

4. Earl Grey milk tea

5. Jasmine Green milk tea

6. Iron Buddha milk tea

7. High Mt Oolong milk tea

8. Rock Oolong milk tea

9. Rooibos milk tea (Non caffeinated)


(We offer milk substitutes, incluging soy and oat milk! Milk substitution costs $0.50 per cup or $10 per bag)

  • Non-dairy options:

1. Peach oolong tea

2. Jasmine green tea

3. Passion Fruit Green tea

4. Passion Fruit Black tea

5. Passion Fruit Peach Oolong tea

6. Winter Melon juice (Non caffeinated)

  • Topping options:

1. Boba

2. Lychee jelly

3. Egg pudding

4. Grass jelly


(Prices do not include Washington State sales tax)​

  • Individually packed (16oz cup)

    • Milk Tea: $4.5 (per cup) without toppings and $5 (per cup) with toppings

    • Non-dairy drinks: $4 (per cup) without toppings and $4.5 (per cup) with toppings

  • Large Tea Bag (5000ml, approximately twelve 16oz cups)

    • All milk teas are $65 (per bag) and all non-dairy teas are $55 (per bag) 


Toppings can be ordered on the side and packed separately ($0.50 per serving).

We can customize the sweetness level of the drinks (0%, 50%, 80%, standard) to your liking!

We accept orders on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, once an order is placed we request 20% of the total amount to secure the spot. The deposit is refundable if you cancel the order one month prior to the event date. Please note that a 15% handling and service charge will be added to the final bill after the catering is complete.

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