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Boba Catering: Exploring Tea with Qualtrics' Seattle Team

The lovely folks at Qualtrics’ Seattle headquarters enjoy a lot of things: data, artificial intelligence — and catered boba!

Last week, we headed into the heart of downtown Seattle to help them celebrate AAPI Month our way, with a live tea tasting and cups upon cups of top-rated boba drinks. 

While sipping on an assortment of fan-favorite milk and fruit teas, the Qualtrics team sat down with us for a private tea tasting session to learn a bit more about tea history and culture — and discover how to approach the craft themselves.

One of our favorite parts of any tea tasting is sharing the benefits of tea drinking — and why, for a creative, always-innovating team like Qualtrics, the brain-boosting benefits of quality tea are a must-have for the hustle and bustle of a busy workday. 

Together, we enjoyed the calming effects of Wuyi Wild Black, a smoky, full-bodied tea lauded for its depth and complexity, and Supreme High Mountain Oolong, a rich, comfortingly aromatic tea with an alpine scent that recalls the dense forests and soaring mountains it originates from. 

As the delicate fragrance of freshly brewed tea wafted through the space, we shared in the simple pleasure of quality tea enjoyed in good company — it’s the experience we aim to foster through every cup we craft. 

Building community through the shared enjoyment of high-quality tea — it’s what our catering experiences, private tea tastings, and daily service from our Wallingford store are all about. 

To experience it for yourself or your team, book a Young Tea event today: Simply fill out our Event Catering Form, and then we’ll be in touch for a brief consultation to start planning your unique Young Tea experience.

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